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The Eagles Ranch on Texel

The Eagles Ranch is an American Paint Horse Stud Farm on the West Frisian Island Texel. The ranch breeds Paint Horses with breeding stallions and mares from Canada, USA, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Painthorse mare foal Eagles Gunsmoke Dolly

Painthorse mare foal Eagles Gunsmoke Holly

The American Paint Horse foals are born in the stables and outside in the meadows of the Eagles Ranch and are for sale to the real American Paint Horse enthusiasts..

Paint Horses

These breeders have been chosen for their good character, typically Paint exteriors, various heights and colour patterns. At the Eagles Ranch the American Paint Horses are bred all-round and are expected to become between 1.52m and 1.59m height.


Every year, the ranch expects 8 to 12 Paint Horse foals. Most of them are born inside, in spacious stables, but some are born outside, in the pasture and will be taken into the stables to receive the necessary care then. However, the foals usually go outside into the pastures with the mares as soon as possible and will be kept inside only in particularly cold nights.

Apha stamboek

Each paint foal born at the Eagles Ranch every year is entered into the United States pedigree and are for sale for real paint horse fanciers. Sales include clinical examination, chip, foal rearing. Sold foals are transported home with the new owners in the Netherlands, and also, on request - with extra charge - to Belgium and Germany.


One or two foals are offspring of one of the Paint stallions, but do not have a full breed Paint dam. Therefore they are called Pinto. For example, in the photograph left you can find Haflinger mare Amber with her Pinto foal Eagles Royal Lakota.

Foal rearing

The American Paint Horse foals born at the Eagles Ranch enter the special foal rearing programme of the ranch after separation from the mare. Guest Paint and/or Quarter foals are also welcome to grow up with peers in this special foal rearing programme. Large rearing boxes equiped with outflow to the Paddock .are available for the young animals at the ranch. Pastures are reserved for grazing. These pastures are maintained by the ranch and also used to control the produce of roughage.

The Special Rearing programme offers unlimited roughage and lots of excersise space for the young horses. Stallions are welcome until the end of summer when they have become one year old. It is possible to have your young stallion gelded by our Texel veterinary surgeon practice. In the summer period, from May till November, the horses stay outside in the pastures around the ranch.

Our breeding stallions

The Eagles Ranch currently breeds with American Paint Horse stallions from Texas and Germany. The stallions have been chosen for their good characters and performances of ancestors in Westernsports.

Also important are breed characeteristic exterior features of the Paint Horse and the special colour patterns that are inherited by the stallion's offsprings.

Homozygoot Tobiano

The Paint Horse breeding stallions are Homozygoot Tobiano. They will definitely pass on the dappled Tobiano gene to their offspring. The Paint Horse stallions cover the breeding mares the natural way outside in the pasture of the ranch. This gives a 95% chance of the marenbeing in foal which will result the following year, after 11 months minus 1 week, in a beautiful foal.

The American Painthorse stallions of the Eagles Ranch have been tested PSSM / Herda / GBED / LWO and HYPP N/N.

The mares deliver their foals in specially equiped large stables of the ranch where room and quietness is secured. As soon as the foal is strong enough mare and foal go outside in the daytime in the large paddock or in the pastures around the ranch.

Docs Smokin EagleDocs Smokin Eagle
Chestnut Tovero Stallion 2014Eagles Gunsmoke Lil Eagles Gunsmoke Lil
Dun Tobiano Mare 2014 Eagles Doc Tari Kota, Bay Tobiano merrie 2010 Hickorys Gunsmoke
Buckskin Homozygous Tobiano StallionPainthorse veulens 2014 in de weide op Texel Painthorse foals 2014 in the meadow on Texel Oshanee Heyoka Oshanee Heyoka
Black Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Mare foal 2010 Eagles Qton Poco Miss Mare foal 2010 Eagles Qton Poco MissSorrel Solid mare of Eagles Ranch Sorrel Solid mare of Eagles Ranch